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Can Hypnotherapy Help Me?

'My life has changed in ways in which I could not imagine. Between each session there were tangible changes in the way I was thinking, coping, and handling with situations, people, places, and things. It started off gradually and slowly, but the momentum soon picked up and the miracles became bigger and better too. I have a new-found freedom which I never knew existed and new ways of coping with the things which used to disturb me which I never thought would be possible. I feel so much happier and in control of my life than I ever have done before.'

Tuesday Gale, Liskeard, Cornwall

Hypnotherapy for anxiety in Bristol


Anxiety is exhausting. The feeling is like someone constantly tapping you on the shoulder, reminding you that something bad is about to happen. It doesn't seem to go away. Imagine what it would be like if you woke up feeling positive, looking forward to the day and what it might bring, expected or unexpected. You are sleeping well and have so much energy that you enjoy life again. Hypnotherapy can help you achieve this.

'In November 2019 I was diagnosed with anxiety and stress. I’d never really considered hypnotherapy as a way of helping me with this.  So glad I did, and so glad I’ve had Chris to help work through it with me. It worked brilliantly for me - felt a lot calmer in certain situations. The sessions I’ve had with Chris have been amazing - can’t recommend highly enough. Would recommend anyone to get in touch with him - doesn’t just have to be to help with anxiety.' Pete, Weston-super-Mare

Hypnotherapy to increase confidence in Bristol


How often have you looked at others and wished you had their confidence? They don't have magical powers just a different mind-set. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help you gain the confidence to achieve whatever you want. Even, as one client of mine put it, 'to stand in a room wearing a pink hat and not care what people thought.'

'You have helped me so much by understanding me.' Stacy, Bristol

Hypnotherapy for Dealing with grief in Bristol

Dealing with grief

Grief is a natural process, and there’s no magic bullet which will make the pain disappear. I understand how difficult it can be, as I lost two children 6 years ago, but have found a way to live and love life again. However, if you find that you’re stuck and you can’t see a way out of where you are now, then Solutions Focused Hypnotherapy can be very useful to help you manage your thoughts and feelings and find peace of mind.

We lost our son to Stillbirth in April last year and I approached Chris to help initially with the grieving process. As the sessions progressed, I felt more and more relaxed it became a place of sanctuary for me and I know if I was having a bad day, I knew I had a session to look forward too. When I am stressed or anxious, I now know how to deal with my worries better. I ‘zone’ out and that allows clarity of mind and increases calm. I would recommend Chris because, apart from the fact his hypnotherapy sessions have massively helped me, he’s a really nice and friendly man. Through his own life experiences, he also ‘gets’ where you are coming from which enhances trust and openness. I would highly recommend his services. Andy, Somerset


Hypnotherapy for Exam stress in Bristol

Exam Stress

As a former teacher I am well aware of the stress exams cause. We all have to takes tests during our lives from primary school SATS to GCSE, A' levels and beyond. Many people also have fears over their driving tests but it doesn't have to be this way. Solutions Focused Hypnotherapy is a great way to relax, remove your fears and allow you to perform at your best.

Hypnotherapy for IBS in Bristol


Does IBS rule your life? Would you like to be free from the discomfort? The advantage that hypnotherapy has over many routine medical treatments is that doesn't involve medication. Two studies, in the UK and USA, found patients with IBS made significant improvement after having hypnotherapy. Why? Because it reduces your anxiety. “It provides people with IBS with a sense of relief and empowerment. They have something they can do when they feel symptoms coming on,” says Megan Riehl, PsyD, assistant professor of medicine at Michigan Medicine Gastroenterology Clinic in Ann Arbor. There's the science, it works.

Hypnotherapy for sports performance in Bristol

Improving Sports Performance

Sport psychologists are commonplace in professional sport, but did you know that hypnotherapy can have an impact on your performance? Whether your putting stroke is plagued by the ‘yips’, you can never get your tennis serve in consistently or you just want to relax before or after a game, hypnotherapy can make a difference. We can work on letting your subconscious mind take over, so you become relaxed and confident in whatever is your chosen sport.

My son was under pressure in an academy set-up and struggling to balance his football and educational studies. He was getting angry, demotivated, and it was so frustrating to watch him stop loving what he was doing. Chris worked with him for a few weeks, and we saw a change in him almost immediately. He became less moody and tired, completed his outstanding coursework, and became his old self again. His coaches have also noticed a difference in him too. Everyone is happy. Thanks so much Chris! Matt, Somerset

Hypnotherapy for Insomnia in Bristol

Insomnia & Other Sleep Problems

Whether it’s an inability to fall asleep or waking in the middle of the night worrying, sleep related issues are one of the most common reasons that people seek my help. Without good sleep it’s impossible to function properly, and so many treatments begin with getting you to sleep easily and well.

'Chris really helped me during a difficult time in my life. I was having problems sleeping and after just a few sessions my sleep was greatly improved. All my sessions were done over Zoom but it was still effective. He has a calm and understanding nature and he’s very easy to talk to.  I’d recommend him.' Karen, Swindon

Hypnotherapy for the menopause in Bristol


Are you tired, moody, anxious or feel you are losing control of your emotions? Can you descend into anger, tears, or both at any moment? Do you have hot flushes, trouble sleeping, or is your sex drive decreasing? Maybe you are stuck in a job and feel fed up that life is passing you by. These are some many signs of the menopause. Emotional and physical changes that can have a profound effect on both your personal and professional life.  Hypnotherapy can help you with all these issues. 

The sessions will help you to sleep better, reduce your anxiety and can also reduce the need for other interventions such as HRT.

​Studies have shown that hypnotherapy is one of the most successful treatments for peri-menopausal and menopausal symptoms. Hot flushes can be reduced by up to 80% and it can help alleviate many other symptoms. *

‘I can highly recommend Chris. I approached him at the beginning of lockdown this year. He has helped me enormously with managing anxieties and sleep. This helped with hormonal mood swings, which I was experiencing. It's sometimes hard to put a finger on why we react in a certain way, but Chris' way of chatting and putting me at ease during each session was like a magic button for relaxation and calming my mind. I still use the audio at night when I need to, but I certainly feel "calm and collected" ever since our sessions. I also think it is amazing that all this was possible via video calls in the comfort of my own home. Thank you, Chris!’


Lizzy, Bristol

​* Baylor University Study, 2012

Get motivated with Hypnotherapy in Bristol


People often get stuck in a rut, at work, in relationships and other areas of our lives. Sometimes it is hard to be motivated to make a change and find that new job, career or relationship. Solutions Focused Hypnotherapy can give your mind time to think and focus on what you really want to do with your life and make it happen.

'I needed help with motivation and to focus on achieving my goal. During the sessions I felt relaxed and positive. Now I'm trying to concentrate on positivity rather than negativity and that makes me happier. I would recommend Chris because he is an excellent and very pleasant professional. 'Olha, Beaconsfield.

Hypnotherapy for Phobias in Bristol

Phobias & Irrational Fears 

Fear is a natural human response to danger, and it exists to keep us safe, but for some people these fears can get out of control. If you find yourself saying ‘no’ to holidays because you can’t get on a plane, or avoiding travelling because you’re scared to drive, or limiting the places you can visit because you can’t manage lifts, or crowds, or spiders, then hypnotherapy can help you get your life back.

'Every time I travel I feel anxious, but now good news!! Back from the cruise and all went well with no anxiety or panic moments at all. All the excursions went well [and] didn't get to the panic stage as previously. All the travelling where I would normally expect some sort of anxiety went smoothly. We had a lovely holiday and some of that must be accredited to you.’ Jeff, Bristol

Hypnotherapy for pain management in Bristol

Pain Management

Do you suffer from pain every day? Would you like to wake in the morning with more energy and feel better? We all get pain from time to time which can be tiring and frustrating, especially if you are a person who is usually very active. Everyone’s pain is different, and it is hard to explain to others how it feels and the effect it has on us emotionally. Solution focused hypnotherapy can help you cope better and feel more positive.

Hypnotherapy to help with panic attacks Bristol

Panic Attacks

Have you ever planned an event then had the day ruined by anxiety? You are not alone. Anxiety can have a massive impact on our lives but it doesn't have to be this way. Hypnotherapy can change your life far more quickly than you might imagine.

Hypnotherapy for PTSD Bristol


Does the thought of reliving a traumatic event make you fear therapy even more? The advantage of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is that we do not focus on the events because the past is gone, and gone with it is any opportunity to change what’s happened. What we focus on is where you are now and what you want your life to be like in the future. 

Hypnotherapy to quit smoking Bristol

Stop Smoking

Relying on willpower alone means that many people’s attempts to break the smoking habit fail. Hypnotherapy can put you back in control of your thoughts and actions, so that smoking becomes a thing of the past for you.

Hypnotherapy for Tinnitus Bristol


I have had Tinnitus for nearly 40 years and suffered anxiety and bouts of depression for many years until I tried solution focused hypnotherapy 10 years ago.  Although I notice the whistle/ringing at times I am able to ignore it and get on with my life. Hypnotherapy is an excellent way of reducing the anxiety associated with the sounds in your head, helping you to sleep better and feel more relaxed. 

'I’ve listened to your recordings a lot and have had a lot of success. Most usefully, if I wake up in the middle of the night, I find that listening to the recording can often allow me to settle back to sleep. I almost always listen to the recording for sleep as mostly the tinnitus doesn’t bother me during the day.' Con, Bristol

Hypnotherapy for weight loss Bristol

Weight Loss

Like many conditions weight gain can be a result of anxiety. By reducing anxiety, sleeping better and changing your attitude, not just to food but life itself, you can become happier and healthier.

Hypnotherapy for children Bristol

Working with Children

School should be challenging, fun and inspiring but for many children and young people it can be a harrowing experience. We can all remember incidents in our own lives where going to school was something we would rather avoid. It doesn't have to be this way. Children are very responsive to hypnotherapy due to the plasticity of their developing brains. It helps with self-confidence, relationship issues, general anxiety and many other conditions. As an experienced teacher and head of year I am very aware of the problems your child may have and ideally placed to help them find solutions. I have worked with children as young as 7, so contact me to find out more.   

'Hypnotherapy had a huge impact on my son, he went from a very anxious teenager not able to attend school due to his anxiety. Within just a few sessions he was back at school and attended every one of his GCSE’s. Chris is amazing and I would recommend anyone struggling to seek his advice!'" Julie, Weston-Super-Mare

Dealing with Grief
Exam Stress
Panic Attacks
Weight Loss
Working with Children
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