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Would you stand in the middle of a room wearing a pink hat?

Do you lack confidence? Would you like to try new things, a new job or to meet new people? How often have you looked at others and wished you had their confidence? They don't have magical powers just a different mind-set. Lack of confidence holds many people back. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help you gain the confidence to achieve whatever you want. Even, as one client of mine ( a male teenager) put it, 'to stand in a room wearing a pink hat and not care what people thought.' In a few sessions you can find the confidence to do all this and more. Imagine how great that would feel? I have worked with a range of people from 7 to 70, their anxiety has decreased and they have now have new-found confidence.

This interesting article explains a bit about why you think the way you do and how hypnotherapy can help

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