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Acting with Positivity

A Mental Health Webinar in Conjunction
with The Actor's Support Network 

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'A life-changing experience.'

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Chris Morris

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Time to Think Hypnotherapy

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John Craggs


The Actor's Support Network

Would you like to sleep well every night and wake in the morning with energy and positivity? How would you feel if you went to auditions with confidence, looked forward to your agent’s phone call or celebrated the success of others who landed their dream role? What would your life be like if you could balance your acting career with other jobs, interests and still have time for friends and family?

Understanding how we think and react to events and problems in our life can help develop positivity. Changing your mindset to what you want in life, rather than what you don’t want, is key to enjoying our wonderful profession.

Chris Morris has been involved in the performing arts industry for nearly 40 years as an actor, director, drama teacher and Equity member. Trained at ALRA, he knows what it’s like to be out of work, rejected, struggling for money and how it damages relationships. We all know this can lead to anxiety, depression, increased use of drugs, alcohol and in some cases suicide. We also know what it feels like to have the applause of an audience, the compliments of directors and the joy of a good review. Our industry is tough on mental health, but it doesn’t have to destroy us. Chris works with many actors, helping them develop resilience, confidence, an ability to switch off the negativity and remain positive.

Actress Megan Carton said ‘I gave hypnotherapy with Chris a try at a time when I’d had a devastating change in my life and was struggling to cope. I needed something that would help me keep my head above water, and this was it. I found it super effective very quickly, helping me ‘change channels’ in my brain to a more positive train of thought, which led to things feeling much more manageable in my life. Highly recommend for anyone needing a drastic and quick change from darkness to light. Thank you, Chris!’

Join Chris and actor John Craggs to find out how hypnotherapy can transform the way you think and give you strategies for coping with the uncertainty of our profession.

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Acting with Positivity Webinar

In conjunction with the Actor Support Network

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